Sometimes you just have to restart anew towards the second half of any year. There are plenty of people who are still trying to figure themselves out in the second half of 2019. We have some practical tips to apply to your financial life for the second half of the year if you so choose.

Sell Your Annuities

It is honestly time to dump these things. They are not earning the interest rates that you should expect from anything you put your money to work in. In addition to that, you can get some quick cash now that you can apply towards other investments that may be of more use to you. When you look at it that way it is pretty obvious that this is a no-brainer. (Source:

Look At Moving To A Higher Interest Rate Savings Account

Most savings accounts are paying practically nothing to take their depositors money at the moment. You could do far better if you shop around and in particular if you look at some of the online savings accounts that are available to you. They tend to offer higher rates of interest because they have lower overhead costs and they pass those savings on to their loyal customers.

Online savings accounts are now equipped to provide their holders with things like free checks and debit cards as well. This makes them well worth a look in our digital age.

Get Enrolled In Your Employer’s 401(k) Program

Your employer probably offers you a 401(k) program. Are you taking advantage of it? If you are not yet enrolled in the program you should be. Employers often offer matching funds up to a certain amount that you sock away in your retirement account. Not taking their free money is like passing on the opportunity of a lifetime. You may not have enrolled simply because you didn’t realize how awesome these plans are and that is understandable, but you need to correct this now.

Check Out Some Personal Finance Books

There is little else that you could read that could be as life-changing as some personal finance books. These are materials that can help you to best understand how your own life can be transformed by the teachings of those who have done well with money already. You may learn a few things along the way that change the entire direction of your life.