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Free Christian Graphic: The Flag of the USA - Lightly Aged Look




Meditation and Prayer for the United States

National pride comes easy for Americans, regardless of our varied backgrounds or race.  Are there problems with America?  Yes, of course.  Do we need to make changes in order to avoid real ruin and disaster for our nation?  Yes.  But with all it's faults, cracks and problems, we still have the best nation in the world.  No doubt about it.

My prayer for this land is that we will hang on tight to the good things we have gained as a people, and that we will come to refuse and reject the garbage we have already collected along the way.  We must remember our roots in God's own law if we wish to retain our freedom as a people.  And we must continue to work together in building a better future for our children and for the children of the entire world.

God has truly given this nation His kindness and grace, allowing us to establish a land of liberty and hope for all who come here, and for all who are born here.  We must also cling to His wisdom and His written guidelines in Holy Scripture, practicing a mature wisdom in our conduct, choices and laws.  If we prove to be ungrateful, if we reject common sense and practical wisdom by turning our backs on the lessons of human history, we will lose for ourselves, and for our children's children, the privileges we now enjoy and have come to take for granted.  The opportunities we now have for the unlimited human development of every individual will pass into the clouded mists of history, becoming once again only the whispers and shadows of legend and wonder.

By God's kindness and mercy, this nation is greater than the sum of its people.  That greatness was bought and paid for, in large part, by the lives of men and women who have died or otherwise suffered loss in the never-ending struggle for liberty, justice and hope.  Young soldiers willingly perished in far away places, as well as here at home, to secure a way of life they never experienced in its fullness.  Many of them never owned a home, raised any children or knew the fulfillment of a successful career, even though they were certainly good enough, smart enough and brave enough to have made us all proud.  We owe what we are to such young men and women.  We owe what we have to their loved ones who suffered loss, and to the many who returned alive from battle to live out their lives hindered by injuries inflicted by the enemy.

May God continue to grant us existence as a nation, as a people.  May God give us the wisdom to live on and to prosper, and to be a help to every human soul across the earth who longs for a better life.  May we always have the wisdom to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, rescue the innocent, and to help even our bitterest enemies to find a better way to live in peace on this planet.  May God continue to forgive our sins for Jesus' sake and to grant us strong men, women and young people who are not afraid to confess their faith in God, their confidence in Holy Scripture, and their love for this United States of America.  In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.

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